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I just an innocent girl who struggle for my complicated life.

It was my wonderful day! #mangayubagya #vocationalschoolUGM

Joining Orientation Day

Have your ever joined orientation before? Did you like it?

I’ll tell you about my experience of joining the orientation day in my new campus. It was so amazing. Your heart would be beat so fast.

Orientation day made you feel under pressured perhaps. You will be treated for coming in the early morning, doing something faster, etc.

Actually, they have positive goals for you such as:

  1. Discipline. You’re as a new student, you have to be discipline. If you don’t obey the rules, you’ll get the punishments.
  2. Punctual. Yes! You should manage your time wisely. Be on time!
  3. Respect. We also learned about it. As a new person in the campus, we should respect every one there.

Yes.. Those are some things that I could learn about orientation day in the campus. Happy Orientation!


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Happy moment :*

Looks who is turning 21.

It is very great moment in my life.

I passed so many years, and learned so many things.

Thank you God for giving the great life.

I got happiness and gifts from everyone that I’ve met.

Ibu Rias is a person who always supports me until I become a loveable person right now. I am nothing without her.

Bapak Arso is a wonderful father that loves me as well he loves his daughter.

My brother Dewa and Ari is a good boy that I ever had. And also my other brothers and sisters, Irvan, Putri, Dimas, Nimas, Kikan, Dea. I love them so much!

Bude Ida is a nice mama for her advices, warnings and other words.

My lovely boyfriend ever, Mas Ari Setyawan. Yes! I’d like to say, you’re good person who I want to live with. I believe that you can keep me well and share your happiness and sadness with me. Keep trust in you, dear. Always.

- September, 9th, 2014 



He will be my last ex…

And also will be the father of my daughter and son


Some pictures that must be shared with all of you…

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Maria Rosalina Irmawati A.Md.

*mother* *father* *brother* and *boyfriend*

pray for my graduation paper! LOL

pray for my graduation paper! LOL

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awas cowok galak! apalagi ceweknya!

awas cowok galak! apalagi ceweknya!